Slight Satisfaction

On the way to The Penny Pub, the conversation with Brock was surprisingly nice and out of the ordinary.   The slight compliments he gave her and interest in her life intrigued her, so when he asked her to go in for one drink, he did not have to twist her arm too much.  Even if the last mistake was there, the place was crowded, and she had a buffer.

After Brock, insisted he pay for Jolie's once in awhile vodka soda, they choose to sit at the end of the table filled with co-workers.   She was hesitated on letting him pull her chair out for her, but did not want to make a thing out of it and it did feel nice.  They drank until the the work talk faded to chitchat and banter.

Jolie noticed Palmer looking at her, but purposely did not pay attention.  He was drunk as usual.  She leaned into her company she was enjoying.  Secretly hoping he would be jealous, she smiled, and thought, ‘That will be good for him.

Palmer was extremely good-looking.  His dark eyes took Jolie's breath away.  He seemed to be one of the most pleasant, misunderstood people she had ever met.  He was the only guy that she shared her bed with, without being in love at first. He played the dark, mysterious past card, well.  You could not help,  but want to take care of him.  It was like ‘oh poor, poor Palmer, he did not deserve to have such a hard childhood. '  After, meeting Palmer's brother, she realized, it was an invention of his imagination brought on from middle child syndrome.  He just wanted a ton of attention.

Jolie left him for his constant cheating, she was sorry she even tried to be his friend and make his life happy.   It was not worth it.  Men and relationships were not worth it.

Jolie and Brock looked up when the lights got brighter and noticed they were the only ones left and the bartenders were giving them the evil eyes.

"Are you alright to drive"?  Brock asked concerned.  "You can pull over and I'll drive."

"No, I'm O.K. I could make it.  Your house isn't far, right?"  Jolie giggled.  She hardly ever drinks and if she does decide to it is usually one or two.  She was having too much of a splendid time to notice how much she took in.

They pulled up in front of Brock's house.  "Jolie, I don't think you should drive.  Why don't you stay here for the night?              

"Pardon!"  Jolie lowered her eyebrows, looked at him like he was crazy and laughed. "No way! I'm not staying with you."

"No, that's not what I mean.  You shouldn't drive home.  That driving scared the hell out of me.  You can sleep in my bed and I will sleep all the way downstairs where I can't bother you."   He smiled at her.  "C'mon."   He tugged on her shoulder gently.

 She felt as if Brock was sincere.  It was strange, but she felt safe with him.  She had a warm feeling, like nothing could harm her.  "I'll stay."  She parked the car and they went inside.  She was actually thankful he asked her to stay because she was not sure if she would have made it either.

The End

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