Restaurant Dailies

Competitiveness, pettiness, love in restaurants.

Jolie noticed an attractive blond-haired man standing nonchalantly at the service bar watching her.  She did her best to ignore him as she gracefully walked through the upstairs cocktail lounge.  She always shied from unfamiliar men staring at her.  Which was something she had to deal with almost on a daily basis working in the restaurant business, especially at the bar. 

He had not noticed how much his eyes were fixated on her.  Her elegant, but stunning beauty captured him.  She finally shared a friendly smile.  Then, she turned briskly away towards the bartender.  "Hello, Nick."  She always felt like Nick was her protector and truest confidant.  He was always there to help her out of unwanted situations.  Sometimes he helped without even knowing it.

"Hey, Jolie.  How's our most wonderful manager doing on this rainy day?"
Her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.  No matter how many times he complemented her it was always flattering.  "Doing paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork."   She laughed. "It's fun.  I'm sure ya wanna help, but I'm a bit too selfish for that."   She said sarcastically, "And how are you handling this miserable weather?"

"It's been rather uninteresting around here, but I'm sure that it will stop soon enough and we'll have a busy night. " He looked out of the window.  

"You're diffidently the positive one around here.  Would you drop this in the safe, please?"    She handed him a bundle of paperwork.

As Nick opened the safe, he asked, "I guessing since you ignored the guy at the end of the bar, you don't know who they decided to be the bar manager?"

"Was that him?"  She turned her head slightly towards the service area to peek at him, but he was gone.  "I've been out of town for three days. Remember? I didn't even know they had someone in mind.  I hope upper management knows what they are doing.  It would have been nice if I could have met him beforehand."  As the information was going though her mind she started to get annoyed. "I mean I'll only be working with this...what's his name? "

"Brock Anderson. Don't worry too much he's a great guy and he knows how to get things accomplished.  I've known him for a long time.  I use to work for him at Magnolia's.  He had a big part in making that place what it is today."

"Well, I guess that's good to hear. " She was feeling childish for letting management's decision get to her. 

"He must have cost a pretty penny."

"Well from what you say he sounds well worth it."  Jolie started staring out the window, concentrating on the rain so hard she did not hear the phone ring.
Nick told her, "Mr. James said he's on his way, so don't move."   He laughed a little, "He's going to tell you about the new manager you don't know about."

She wanted to know what he was smirking about.  "Why'd he think I don't know about him?"

"Because, he wanted to tell you himself.  You weren't supposed to see Brock here."

"Well, if you never would have said anything I would never have known.  Would I?" She was laughing and rolling her eyes at him.  She could tell she was not the only one that confided in him, "I'm surprised I trust you with anything I tell you.   You have such a big mouth."

"I only tell you everything.  I promise". He crossed his heart with his fingers.

"You'd better."

He smiled at her as she walked away.


The End

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