Rest in Peace

It's raining, rain is good, it cleans and freshens, giving the air a sweet smell and the Earth a sheen.   This has been a cold and stormy winter, I have felt lost, alone, cold, wrapped within myself not wanting or needing the comfort of another human being, relishing the misery.   This is how it's been for me since you've been gone.  I keep going back over the last conversation, I never knew you were so unhappy.  What's worse, how well you hid it.  Through all those winters, springs, summers, falls.. you hid it allowing me to believe my world was safe, secure.  I believed you and I could and would stand against the world.

"Even as much as I loved you, I could not stand your last  cruelty.. that's right, you were cruel and, there was no need to be.. I guess you finally felt your oats, I guess the little indiscretion that was waiting for you was just too good to keep to yourself, so you decided to be honest, good for you!"  "And what.. so kind of you to stay with me and hold me for the last time especially after letting me know how vile my touch was to you, staying with me through the night.. your pity.. was not appreciated."  (sigh)

Your face is so beautiful, I'm sorry you have to stay in the cold but, I think that's fitting for your cold, black heart.   You will have to be moved before spring.. We will worry about that later..  "For now, rest in peace, "


The End

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