Resque me

When Selene dad dies she takes it hard.Will anyone be her savior?

I stared at the mess in front of me.Where my dad's bedroom usually laid clean and untouched, was a bloody gory ruin.I collapsed to my knees and looked around the room, absolutely horrified.I let out a blood curdling scream.On the bed in front of my was a body, mutilated and gutted.My fathers body.One word ran through my head,murdered!


The medical personell pulled me out of the room, muttering words of comfort.They sat me on the bumper of an ambulance and some tried to ask me questions.A few failed and then a really pretty young lady walked up to me.She had blonde hair pulled back into a bun and sparkly green eyes, even though she wore a bland skirted suit.

"Sweetie?"She asked kindly.I looked up at her smiling face."Can you tell me your name honey?"she continued as she sat beside me on the bumper.

"S-Selene."I managed, voice still hoarse from screaming.

"Well, Selene, i know this is going to be difficult, but can you tell us what happened?"

I ran through my whole day, from waking up with him already at work to me coming home and finding him like that.She asked a few more questions that i answered absent mindedly.When she asked me if i knew someone i could contact, i gave her the number of my best friend, Lauren.And a few minutes later she drove up in her mom's mini van looking like she hurried out from a shower, her hair was still soaked.

"Oh my god!Selene what happened?"She asked quickly.I broke into tears and clung to her neck.

The End

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