More or less still sort of confusing...

Hermes picked me up and sat me down in the armchair in my sitting room, while he pulled up a stool and perched on that. I dabbed my face groggily with my hand, and it came away red with blood.

"Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have hit you as hard as that - it takes a lot to make us bleed. Well, I say 'us' but I'm still not sure about you. I mean, yes, you didn't explode into a pool of blood and lots of tiny bits when I hit you, but it could just have been luck. Or good bone structure. Or genetics. Well, actually its to do with genetics if I am right, but yeah-"

I pulled my thoughts together for a second, long enough to cut him off. "What the hell? Who are you?"

He sighed, like I was supposed to know this already and am now disappointing him - almost like a teacher looking at a child that hadn't done his homework. 

"Well, if you had been paying attention you would have heard me say that I'm the new Hermes - it's not my proper name, or maybe it is now, but its what you should call me. Stops the confusion, because all this is certain for me. And that probably sounds really confusing, so I'll cut to the chase.

Every... I dunno, a very long time, something like every fifty generations or so, the Gods are... reset. Respawned, for use of a better word. It starts with Hermes - me - because he's the one that has to gather all the Gods together to make everything right again. Because unfortunately its not just the Gods that get done over, its all the bad guys too. Everything the last generation locked away, all the way back to the ancient times, gets to start over too. And to be honest, I'd run - because it looks like they're coming."

There were roars and shouts of anger coming from outside my front door. Hermes reached into his backpack and pulled out a sword, helmet and a package made out of pieces of old parchment tied together with string. 

"Ok, maybe that'll help you understand everything better - I gotta go. I gotta find a lot of you buggers. But don't worry, you'll manage. Just watch out for the big ones, and try and find the others. Makes my job a lot easier."

And with that he vanished, leaving me shocked and stunned with a bloody nose and what sounded like the denizens of hell knocking down my front door. 

The End

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