That will go nicely with a bottle of...Mature

James arrived at Nina's small apartment promptly at 12:30 am, toting a small gift basket. He rang the doorbell and went inside without waiting for her to open the door.

"Happy New Year." James said, flipping her the basket. She caught it deftly and pulled out a bottle of deep red wine.

"Its my blood orange wine from '53." James said, grinning. "It doesnt satiate the thirst, but it keeps the cravings off for a while."

"Why didnt you tell me this is what you had in mind?" Nina said, setting the bottle on a wine rack in her kitchen, a previous gift from James.

"Because it doesnt have the full effects that hunting does." James said, grabbing Nina's coat and tossing it to her. "Put that on, its cold outside."

They went out to the city, slipping into the crowds still celebrating the new year easily. "Remember what I taught you." James said. "Discreet." There was a muffled "mmng" and a human dropped to the street. James dispatched another human quickly, drained him and stood up.

"Now," He said cheerfully. "On to dinner?"

The End

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