New YearMature

"Another day, another new year." James Matricks thought as he watched the ball drop in Times Square from his excellently placed penthouse apartment. He poured himself a glass of deep red wine and took a sip, his fangs clicking against the glass. The Neighborhood rang with noisemakers and horns as James dialed a familiar number into an old fashioned dial telephone.

"Hi I can't come to the phone right now..." Nina's familiar voice rattled off her reasons for being away from her telephone, then the tone beeped.

"Hey Nina, Happy New Year." James began. "I was feelin' kinda lonely, so I was wondering if you'd like to join me for a very late dinner. I was thinking that we could have something to drink, break out some o' those bottles from '53, then head over that new italian place for spagetti and meatballs. Call me when you get in."

James put down the phone and waited. Nina always called him back in a timely manner.

James' home was relatively small, perched at the top of an older building, recently renovated and kept in good repair at the heart of New York City, he had a good view of Times Square and it was mere blocks away from the park. He'd never seen a single reason to move, though he often took vacations on various islands or spent time at his vineyard in Napa California.

Being over a hundred and forty years old, James had managed to make money doing just about anything, and he'd shared much of the last century's exploits with Nina, the lovely, strong girl who always knew exactly what to wear to a country club and a night club.

The End

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