Resident Evil: Outbreak, Viral ImpactMature

A group of survivors find out that their lives are not going to go back to normal if they stay in that town, Raccoon City to be precise. These survivors go through the sewers, Police Station, Universities. They will do anything except let each other die to survive. Can they survive or will the succumb to the deadly virus?

"Raccoon City, 1999 September 25th, The day everything went to hell. It all started in a facility underground called the 'Hive' where they were working on a secret experiment. They kept this experiment hidden from society for if it got out the whole world would be in a craze. This experiment was no ordinary experiment. They tested it on rats, dogs sometimes even people and they all showed the same symptoms, Intense Hunger. Soon people from the city went down to the 'Hive' to see if everything was all right, but as soon as they opened the gates, everything that was hiding in there got loose. People started going missing and whole families were getting slaughtered with what looked like bite marks on them. Worst of all, those families would get up and start eating other people, Women, Men and even worse, Children."


The End

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