Resident Evil

The T virus has spreaded all over the world, and there are very fewe survivors. Those who have survived the T virus now wander around looking for more survivors and hopefully finding a safe haven from the zombies.

Lightning pierced the sky, making me jump. Its been a while since the outbreak and you can hear them walking the streets. Working for the umbrella corporation in the only reason why I'm armed. I was hiding in a hotel, the windows all smashed and the paintwork on the walls all peeled.

Every 5 minutes or so I'd look out the window to make sure they weren't there, and to see if any survivors were walking past. I didn't start alone, the zombies killed off my men 1 by 1. I'm all alone now and i hope somebody else is alive too.

"This is Mike, Mike Brady. Signaling for any survivors. Can anyone hear me? I'm in the Highwayman's hotel, 6th floor room 12B. If there are any survivors out there please, come to me. I will provide food shelter and protection... Is anybody out there?"

The End

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