Rescue The Princess

Princess is Kidnapped.... Who will save her?

Long time ago, when Maharaja’s family was ruling the world. Raja Gupta was a happy king and just to his kingdom. Unfortunately, Raja had no family of his own and his only child, Allie past away due to an incurable disease. Maharani’s death also took place after her child’s death; Maharani was in a shock after her child’s death so she committed suicide. Raja Gupta was really alone after his family death so he adopted Princess Gehna. Gehna was beautifully white; Raja loved her like nothing on this earth.


Raja Gupta had many enemies. Everyone was jealous of his popularity; one of them was Prince Thomas, the Prince of Dholakpur. Princess Thomas wanted to destroy Raja Gupta and take over his kingdom, and he did a lot of evil things but everything failed. Now, his evil eyes were on Princess Gehna, he once asked Princess Gehna as her wife but Raja immediately refused and asked Prince Thomas to get out from his palace. Thomas was really angry at this, so he made an evil plan to kidnap Princess Gehna.


The time flew and Princess Thomas waited for a stormy night as it would be easy for him to enter in the palace on a dark night, and will Kidnap Princess Gehna. The night arrived, the black clouds covered the sky and it started to raining cats and dogs. The thunder and lightning boomed on the Raja’s Kingdom, Gehna was watching this view from the Palace window suddenly the light of the place went and Princess Gehna’s screams were heard in the Palace. Raja rushed to Gehna’s room and was shattered to find Princess Gehna. Princess Gehna was kidnapped and there was a piece of paper on the bed, when Raja picked it up, it was a map to Prince Thomas secret hide out. Raja thought that might in the rush Prince Thomas drop this map from his pocket. Now there was only the map to save Princess Gehna.


Next day, Raja Called Bheem, his favorite man and Bheem was really sharp and strong. Raja begged to Bheem to rescue her daughter from Thomas. Bheem agreed, Raja gave him the map.


Bheem was ready to start his mission; he had a sword with him which is his biggest strength. Bheem went through a dark forest, where he met many dangerous animals but he killed them with his sword. On his way, he met a poisonous snake, it was about to attack but Bheem dodged and bravely swung his sword and stroked it on snake and it died there.


After many days, he came to Prince Thomas hideout palace and secretly entered hi s palace. He found Princess Gehna in the top floor of the Palace and asked her to climb down the place with him. Gehna was really happy to see Bheem. They started to climb down but Thomas spotted them but it was too late they were already rescued from the palace.


As Thomas started climb down, Bheem chucked his sword on him, his hand got a cut, he lost his balance and fell in the water of crocodiles, and Thomas was eaten by the crocodiles.


Bheem took Princess Gehna safely to Raja. Raja was really impressed with Bheem bravely so he announced Princess Gehna and Bheem wedding. Raja now was very happy because he had a small happy family.







The End

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