Rescue Quest

Kaleb looked down from the mountain top and into the peaceful valley below. Nestled in the middle sourrouded in trees was a small village. Not a normal village but an Elf village. He smiled to himself as he thought of the deadly surprise that he had in stock for the elfs.

Adriana pushed her long blond hair out of bright blue eyes and let an arrow fly.The arrow met its mark and the young rabbit she had been shoting at fell to the ground. Perfect Adriana said to herself, the rabbit  would go great with the stue her mom was making for supper.

Adriana picked up the rabbit and walked home enjoying the evening air and sweet sent of the forest. She stoped to say hello to some deer drinking from a pond but unfortunly they didn't understand or answer instead they ran of into the saftey of the trees.

Adriana  was a tall  girl  with long golden hair and blue eyes her ovaler face  was dotted with freckles  and she  wore  green  shorts and  a  green short sleeve  shirt.  She had a small  short  nose  and a determined exprestion.

She stooped to wash her face in the icy water of the pond then continued on. Soon she reached a clearing with a towering oak tree in the centre. she stoped to climb its huge branches but she could not stay long for she needed to be home by 5: 00 pm.

She whistled to her self happily for a while but stoped short as she heard a muffled scream. She sighed in relief as she reiliesed that the scream was not Elfen. As she got closer to where the scream had come from she could hear the sounds of distance battle. The clang of sorwds and the whistling of arrows. She sped up her pace. the noises were coming from her village.

She was just about back to her village when she spoted a tall man in Camoflage hiding in the trees. He was not an Elf. Looking around caustiously she spotted three other men hidded in the trees.  Walking around her village she saw it was sourronded with guards. Slowly her heart pounding she made an attement to sneake into her village but half why there she was forced to hide in the shelter of a tall cedar as the guard closisit to her sweeped his watchful look her way. She tried again to reach her village and made it a little bit farther before she had to hide.

This time she hide because a tall man in a green suit that looked very exspensive was walking up to the other guard. "Has anyone escaped?" said the man in a commanding tone."No master Kaleb, no one has tried and no one has suceeded" the guard replied. " Good, the battle has almost been won," Said Kaleb, " Do you mind staying here for the rest of the Battle? It won't be long" " No, master Kaleb." Good, I'll leave you to your guard duty now," replied Kaleb.

Adriana tried again and again to reach the battle but was always stoped by the guards. As she was stoped once again the noice of battled seeced to a stop. There was silence for awhile broken only by a few moufled elfen curses. Then there was a sudden cry of triumph and the guards ran into the village. Adriana waited by the village for the noises of people  to dye down. She kept on hearing the word Slaves and guessed that her people were going to become slaves.

Once the noises of the people were comletely gone Adriana walked into the village. When she so the desater the tears shed been holding in burst from her. The once peaceful village was in ruins the animals gone. Luckly Kaleb and his men had not thought of lighting things on fire. Going to the hut that used to be hers she cooked her rabbit and ate her supper. sitting by the fire she decided to rescue her people.

Just before going to bed she went to her mothers room went to the closet and pushed a small butten in the wall. A small part of the wall opened up. Inside the wall was a small locket in the shape of a star  on a small golden chain. She sliped it over her head, closed the wall and got into bed. There she  cryed her self to sleep.


The End

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