Chapter 1 Fiery Heart

A fantasy story where Sloth's have taken human form and call themselves the Slothgard a nomadic group of isolationists with a single member who wants more in his life.

Stillness, the absence of motion. No race knew this better then the Slothgard. A race of long armed slightly hairy group of forest nomads. A mostly docile race that has few trained fighter instead opting to avoid combat. But they never ran from a fight for they have mastered a most uncanny ability, The ability to lie so still they become apart of there surroundings.

Mako the name of one young Slothgard who kept the teaching of these technique's close to his heart but yearned to use them in a more adventurous way. These skills could help him watch the other races that littered this world. Perhaps interact even.

Interacting. An act no Slothgard even would dare to attempt with Non-Slothgard all except a young upstart with a lot to prove.

"So I get that stillness make's us hard to find... Is it like Camo...?" The young one was shushed with a long claw slapping his lips. "Camouflage is the act of hiding by being similar to the nature around you. We do not do this. We become nature itself for you see stillness is no movement like the tree or the stone." The older Slothgard pulled his claw away and smiled. "In our forms of pure still we become invisible to the eyes of others because they cannot comprehend such a lack of movement as being alive. Do you understand Mako?"

Mako was not a very bright child. "Uhhmm." was all he could really mouth before he suddenly changed the subject. "Look Krut I would love to go back and forth on Slothgard philosophy... Easily my strongest subject and all... But I have combat training today so gotta go!" He said suddenly hopping out the nearest window and unto the canopy below. A fatal fall if it was not for arms that could stretch a fair distance and sink claws into wood too slow Mako's descent. What he just lept from was a small hut attached to the backs of Leaf Tortoise a race of shelled reptilian able walk across the leaves of a tree as if it were a dirt road. Still in the hut Krut sighed. "Weapon combat... We don't need it if we just believe in stillness."

Mako met up with a few more Slothgard one a particulary tall fellow and wider then most of this slender species. "Hey Farl sorry I'm late was just finishing class with Kru-" He was interrupted as Farl dropped the Slothgard favored weapons at the feet of Mako. "Then I'll have to kick yer ass quickly to make up for the lost time spent with old codgers." The Weapons laid at Mako's feet. Three curved metal blades resembling scimitars with no handles instead a slot for Slothgard to insert there claws into. Since these were training weapons they were dull. The other weapon was a long arm guard that wrapped around the entire Slothgard's left arm. A solid piece of wood that was broken into segments to allow bending of the arm. This was the shield or in the hands of an expert a bashing tool.

Mako reluctently slid the blades unto his claw's and strapped on the large arm gaurd. "Hey that was just a tease to psych me out right?" Second's passed but it felt like hours to Mako. He gulped. "Right...?"

The End

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