Chapter 2 - Snow fixes global warming didn't you know?

Chapter 2 of republican zombies


Brody's real name is Alicia but she looked , acted and dresed so much like Brody Dalle from the distillers that she really lived up to the nickname and kept it. We had been friends for a long time and she supported me with everything I did.


No one really got to sleep until 5 in the morning so the next day we woke up just in time to catch the afternoon news. At his time we were all gathered around the TV and I began to question Brody about her actions. "Why were you out first of all and on top of that why in a freaking snowstorm would you wonder to my house drunk" She snuggled up in the blanket I had covered her up in when she passed out on my couch. "Um...I was drunk?" I blinked. Sometimes her reasoning would amaze me."ok...but...why were you drunk?" She smiled and lit a cigarette ."Because it was snowing and there wasn't anything else to do" Once again all I could do was blink. As I sat there in amazement trying to figure out how to respond to her Jackson got my attention."Hey guys it snowed everywhere except for Cali." I looked at the TV and sure enough the weather man was showing our country covered in snow minus Cali. What the weather man said next made me completely forget about Brody's bad judgment."Because of the massive snow storm scientists are now saying global warming has either been reverse or that we over reacted and it never existed at all. In fact a climate change happens every 100 years." We all looked at each other dumbfounded."That's ridiculous you cant reverse global warming and why didnt the only libral state not get hit with the storm!" Jackson exclaimed. I wasnt as smart as he was in the area of science but even I was questioning what was happening. I didnt want to get worried and paranoid however so I shrugged it off."I wouldn't worry about it to much Jackson its just a storm and everyone came out of it ok " Brody patted Jackson on the back "Yeah dont worry about it to much nerd boy" Jackson just glared at her evilly .


The rest of the day dragged on I fixed dinner for everyone. Brody decided to stay with us until the roads were clear. As I sat down at the table and ate I was being quiet and Brody had noticed. "Whats wrong Kayden you normally get excited about eating things why are you so quiet" Her lesbian jokes were the worst but still managed to make me smile."Nothing I'm just still tired from being up all night." She shrugged and went back to eating."Oh...okay". The truth was as hard as I tried to forget about the news I couldn't in fact I felt slightly in danger. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to move to California. Do that night I decided to myself Before Brody decided to go home I would suggest to her and Jackson that we leave Indiana and start on our way to Cali. I was pretty sure They were going to think I was crazy unless they were just as bothered by it as I was.  


The End

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