Republican Zombies


chapter 1


Two years after being discharged from the army for being openly homosexual I was only twenty two and was basically waiting for the world to end. After all it was 2012 and nothing happened. However the majority of America was being ran by the republican party again because of this laws against sodomy were implemented into almost every state but California basically making it illegal to be gay or lesbian. This was an obvious problem for me I managed to avoid it however. I was born female and enlisted into the military as female but after-wards I came to term with the fact that I was transgender. So after being discharged I started to live my life as a male. This made it harder for me to be noticeably breaking any anti-gay laws put into place. I had a raven fauxhawk that was always spiked perfectly because I was always very anal about my appearance. On top of that the only clothes I would wear were guys but in an attempt to be fashionable on occasion I would look like a gay scene boy . For the most part I did play the role quite well. Luckily my name is Kayden which is very unisex so I didn't need to change it.



It was a Saturday night. My roommate Jackson and I decided to stay home. We wanted to go out but there was a winter storm going on and we didn't want to risk it. Jackson was not only my roommate but he was also my best friend. He was basically one of the few straight bio-males I could stand. I think the reason for this was simply because he was a huge tech nerd so there wasn't anything douche bagish about him.


"Kayden the internet is out!" Jackson yelled from his bedroom. I was laying on the couch watching late night TV which consisted mostly of infomercials. "Give it a minute!" I yelled back. " I did I gave it about 20!". I looked over at our wi-fi box and the red light was blinking so it was indeed out. I didn't really think much of it since the weather was so bad. I got up and went into Jackson's bedroom. " why don't we just call it a night I don't think its going to be back up tonight.". Jackson frowned slightly. "but I was doing a raid". I rolled my eyes and laughed." Well Im going to bed dork". Right as I was about to walk out of his room I heard someone banging on our front door. The knocks startled both of us. "Geeze its 4 in the morning who could that possibly be" I said while I semi cautiously went to answer the door. When I opened it I was slightly relieved and Pleasantly surprised to see my friend Brody. "'t you be home asleep like...every other normal person." She pounced me with a hug. She smelled like she had bathed in beer. "Well I don't see you guys asleep" she slurred her words a little and stumbled over to my couch crashing on it. I figured I would just question her actions after everyone had got some sleep.


The End

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