Repentance: ThreeMature

Warmth encompassed me. 

It was all around me, wrapping me in its delicious comfort. It seemed to seep into my skin, through my pores, into my body, coursing through me. Through my veins, my blood. My whole body was emanating heat. It wasn't unpleasant, it was the exact opposite. I tried to smile, though I didn't have control over my body. It was in my mind though, I knew I was smiling. 

With this warmth came the most wonderful feeling. A feeling of pure serenity and calmness. Utter peace. It was lovely.

I stayed like that for a while.

* * *

'Eva, are you going to eat that?' Stefani eyed my abandoned doughnut hungrily.

'Go ahead,' I muttered, shoving the plate towards her.

'What's up babe?'

'Just thinking,' I replied absently.

Stefani didn't reply. She could tell what I was thinking and she didn't want to go there. It wasn't out of spite, she was just never really good at dealing with other people's problems and emotions. Not that I always shared my problems, I absolutely detested the pity and the sympathetic glances that would follow, but Stefani was my best friend, just like she had been for the past five years, she knew when something was up. Sure, she'd be there for me, but I always got the impression she didn't overly enjoy it. I tried not to take offence, it was just how she was.

There were a few minutes of awkward silence as Stefani finished the doughnut.

The bell gave off a shrill ring, indicating lunch time was over. I stood up slowly, grabbing my bag and coat off the floor.

'We still meeting after school, yeah?' 

'Sure,' I put on a brave smile and waved Stefani goodbye.

* * *

This feeling didn't waver, even after that particular memory. The sense of utter peace still nestled within the core of my heart, intoxicating and enriching, never leaving.

After what seemed like a few minutes, my body, or what I assumed was my body, began to tingle. A slight numbing sensation at first, like pins and needles. It was mainly centered at the very ends of my body; my toes, my fingers, the top of my head. Soon, it began to spread, itching and stinging until it covered all of my skin, every last inch of it. 

I couldn't move though. 

All I could see was darkness, a grey-ish mask of shadows, like my eyes were closed. As the itching spread, I managed to find myself more and more in control. My limbs became attached to my body, no longer foreign objects lying beside me. The feeling returned to my arms first off and I began slowly clenching and unclenching my fist, checking everything was alright. My toes wiggled weakly as the feeling spread to the soles of my feet and my eyelids fluttered futilely against my cheeks. 

I had fully returned to my body and as I did, memories began drifting through my mind. Finding the note from my mother...walking out into the night...two men...a gun? The very last thing I remembered was sitting trembling on a damp concrete floor, staring down the barrel of a gun. 

I forced my eyes open.

Brightness. So bright. I flinched against the sudden intensity of the light, giving time for my eyesight to adjust after having spent so long in the dark. It was warm, just like I'd remembered.

A soft yellow glow illuminated my surroundings, giving it a peaceful atmosphere. I sat up slowly, head pounding and tried calculating where I actually was. 

I wasn't in my house, that much was obvious. 

'I'd lie back down, if I were you,' I heard the softest voice murmur beside me. The voice was beautiful, so heartbreakingly beautiful, just like an angel's. I didn't feel fear or fright when I heard this voice, only a calm acceptance.

I did as I was told and lay back down. Rolling my head to the side, I saw a figure crouch down beside me.

A teenage boy, probably only a few years older than me, was staring back at me. He was absolutely gorgeous and my earlier vision of an angel sprang to mind. He had the nicest complexion, like rose petals and they complemented his white-blonde hair and light blue eyes perfectly. He wore a simple white robe which showed off his tall, lean frame in the most flattering ways. 

'You've been through a lot, my dear. And much needs to be explained.'

'What's going on?' I was surprised by how even my voice was. 

'It is probably for the best that you get some more rest and you'll find out later on.'

'Please,' I murmured. 'I need to know. Where am I?'

The boy seemed to hesitate, possibly deciding whether or not to tell me.

'Well, I suppose you are going to find out sooner rather than later. Do you remember what happened, before you ended up here?'

I frowned slightly. 

'A little. I remember two guys tried to kill me, with a gun. I think they had the wrong girl though.'

The guy pursed his lips.

'Yes, well, Eva the thing is they didn't try to kill you...they did kill you. There is no way you would have survived a bullet to the brain, especially that close. Your fate was decided as soon as you walked through your front door and you chose to follow it. Had you stayed in your house, you might not have died that night, but you probably wouldn't have had long left, your number was up. It is my job to welcome all newcomers and to explain what is going on. So here I am explaining. You are in a place called The Bliss Entity.'

'The Bliss Entity?' I repeated stupidly.

'Yeah. Sort of like Heaven.'

The End

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