I Don't Know...

I'm not sure whether I am here anymore.

I don't know whether I am alive or dead.

But these are the things I fear. Fear is not a common emotion for me to feel but I feel it most now and worse yet is that I can answer my own questions above. I am trapped in the confindes of this house. Through the bricks and the foundations and there is nothing I can do to stop it. But I know one thing. I know that my theory is true. That Mary-Anne was possessed,through the whole of my experiance here. So that proves my theory of what happened here.

The Adams family were good Christians,at least many thought they were.Driven by the powers that came with it,Mr Adams wanted more power and soon this led to the craziness of his wife that could stand no more. Mrs Adams killed her husband,along with her two young children,before finally through pain and regret,killed herself. Possibly t0 be with her family. But I shall never know for sure and neither will you so this is the end of our tale of Reapeted Nightmare.

The End

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