The Death of a Ghost Hunter

Nightfall approches and the normal proceedings go ahead for our last night. I reflect on everything and find that this house means more to me than any other house has ever had. It has had more effect,more drama,more danger,trapped. You almost get a feeling that you are being watched from time to time. But instead of being inside of the house we are searching beyond. In the garden,where it was said the bodies were dragged out here and possibly a few buried. But investigations have been held and no conclusi0n or explanation has been made.

We have been out for two hours. Listening eagerly,nothing is happening which is strange seeing as the most we have ever recorded has been towards the end of our time here. We are all outside searching for any clues if any other bodies have been buried underneath the Earth we stand upon. There is a knock on the door. I hear Chantelle and the voice of Mary-Anne echoing throughout the house into the deathly garden. But eventually the door slams and Chantelle retrieves back to the garden,where a noisy silence has developed of patience. "Battery has died I'll go find some more batteries" says Chantelle as she paces herself to the kitchen. We do not recognise that she doesen't return only longing to carry on through our last night. "I can't see anything wish I'd have bourght a torch with me." I sigh.

"I have one it's inside I'll be back soon" And that was when he ran in and didn't come out for a long time. But I was too into the mysterious door at the side of the house that had not been opened for what it seemed like,years, that I didn't notice that either. But as soon as I too went inside of the house. Everything changed. A loud bang ringing through my ears and that was it.


The End

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