Mary-Anne: The One They Call Devil

"Mary-Anne!" I shout from the long forgotten garden. She runs down without a smile. "I was saying my prayers,what do you want?" She replied bitterly.

"You haven't been sent here. You've come to destroy our investigation. You shoouldn't even be here!" I shout.

"I have been sent,in a way" She replied.

"By who"

"God of course,we all have"

"Shut up about God. What are you doing here really?!" I scream.

"I'm here to stop you. You are not ruining the good work of these people" She replied. But she had the look in her eye that showed it wasn't her talking,it had to Mrs Adams. Chantelle then took over and slung Mary-Anne out onto the road,taking the key from her so she couldn't get back in. At least our last night wouldn't be disturbed. At least that is what we had hoped.

We had already had a great adventure as it was,it would have been amazing to have ended on a high. But unfortunatley our tale ends on a omplete low. I don't think you could get any lower...

The End

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