Journal entry 5:

I have discovered very little from this investigation but half an hour ago an energy passed straight through me,a wave of conciousness stepped into my body and passed secrets through my head,but Chatelle nor Mary-Anne but David had said he had felt it to,which indicates there is a presence among us. It was angry and hurt and I felt a huge amount of emotion in that split second. I knew who it was instantly and so did David,it was Mrs Adam's.

Now everything seems to be unfolding. Mra Adam's anger might explain the reason for this killing. It is my theory that Mrs Adam's hurt and distraught of something had killed all of her family and ;ater comitted suicide. By the procedings that has happened here,it isn't such a crazy idea. This is our 3rd night here now,we are about to find out more...

We have set up more trackers of spiritual movement,three in each rooms. At 9:00pm we assembled oursleves downstairs and this was when the stragest of things happened. At 9:00pm exactly, history seemed to have repeated itself. A man's cry was recorded,as in pain and a vision of him falling was in my mind. I then followed footsteps and screams into the children's room,things I could make out were "No mummy,don't hurt me!". This completely tied up with my theory that I still had believed was true. But something wasn't right. Mary-Anne wasn't her normal strange self. She was stranger,screaming at different points,staring into spaces and burning her hands with candles that she had lit. Like she was possessed. Possession is when a spiritual being takes control over a living body and when becoming possessed your state of mind changes.You start to see things from the beings perspective you start to wonder whether you are crazy and so forth.

At 1:00am,we recorded chairs moving,books being mysteriously knocked from their shelves. We decided to call it a night.

The next morning I had rang my boss to ask about Mary-Anne. He didn't recognise this name,he had no record of having any conversation with her. So I had to question her.

The End

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