Mystery Girl

Journal entry 3:

I wake up needing a 'nicotine refreshment' and to find Chantelle and David sipping coffee. My findings this morning were very clear that in the first part of the night,as we had previously recorded,there had been no sounds or unexplainable noises or beings. But as the night went on I called f0r everyone's attention because I had found a clear image of what I belived and discovered to be a small girl's face,peeking out from the children's bedroom from where Luke and Jennifer were murdered. I concluded that it perhaps was Jennifer in that room,because moments later when the image disappeared a quite child's scream was captured on the EVP scanner. Everyone gathered around me and studied the image umming and arring but we all came to the same conclusion,Jennifer was there,and we didn't know why.

Throughout the day I have spent most of my time still getting used to the house,creating a mental picture in my head of what family life was like from the Adam's family. I decided to do some research on this family,that Mary-Anne suspiciously knew a lot about,and had never even met them. I didn't find a lot of information but I did find snippets of information. The Adam's family were Christians and had been baptised as young children and set up many Christian churches in the time, why anyone would have wanted to kill these innocent people was another story. I had discovered in my research that a knife to the throat caused Mr Adam's death,a gun shot wound through the mouth upwards and several knife wounds to the stomach of the two children. A baby was also discovered but no one knew where it had came from. There was only recorded documents of the Mrs and Mr Adam's having two children. But all the same a baby girl was lying in a cold bath,still alive and crying and she was taken into foster care. I think better of it not to contact the mystery girl as she might know just as much as me and it would be a wasted trip. It was then David had called me from the living room to see a newly discovered EVP scan. It was a deep voice from a man but none of us could understand what was mumbling.

The End

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