Intense Silences

Journal entry 2:

Thee first night is approaching. So I have to round the 'team' up and tell them the strategy I have planned. It is a simple yet effective techinique and I am prepared with plans. But with the paranormal you can not rush,you have to be patient and hold your nerve. To be scared of something unknown is well known. But I communicate with other beings that I can not see but hear. To have qan open mind and not conclude things straight away is also top prority,don't let your mind get carried away with what if's. Think logically and stay calm,no matter what the situation.But even the best ghost hunters can be munipulated into thinking the most craziest of ideas"

"I may not know you very well,but I am Sue Aimes and I'm a ghost hunter. This is going to be one of the hardest cases we have all come across and hopefully tonight we shall prove what secrets hide between these walls. " I am saying as everyone has gathered into the kitchen. Mary-Anne rolls her eyes. "There are no secrets,it's all lies. The Adams family were murdered,but their work was so inspirational to others,let it go,let them have peace" Mary-Anne kept saying. " Why are you here? Who sent you? I knew two other people were here but I never heard of you,Mary-Anne or whatever your name is" Chantelle spoke coldly.

"So I have drawn out a map. David, you shall place one camera in every room,which you have done and you've set EVPs around the house to detect any paranormal voices that aren't ours and we have heat sensors around the building. David,you will be operating from down stairs,Chantelle with me and Mary-Anne.." My voice trails away.

Mary-Anne wanders motionlessly to the childrens bedrooms,where Jennifer and Luke were killed. I shrug her unusual behaviou off and carry a camera upstairs. My work begins.

"Is there anyone here that would like to share any information to us" I state clearly,I wait for ten minutes,nothing. Complete silence. "Is there anyone here,Luke,Jennifer,Mrs Adams,Mr Adams?" Nothing.

It's silent all night. Apart from Mary-Anne repeating a prayer in whipsers downstairs in the living room with a candle and her Bible. "You won't find anything,there is no one here,just the memories" She tells me and Chantelle. "You better shut your mouth Christian girl or you'll be out that door before you can say one of your weird God prayers." Chantelle snaps back. Mary-Anne looks lost but she is right there is nothing here. Not for tonight anyway. But we continue all night,calling the names of the family,asking questions but it is a deathly silence throughout the entire house. But we leave the camears rolling and see what is in stall for the morning.

The End

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