Unwelcome Guest

Journal entry 1:

I have come across some strange things in my life. Being a ghost hunter I must have. But to prove what I find as paranormal evidence is to have an explanation for everything and if there isn't one,we take the evidence futher.

I work alone. Not amongst others that scream at a door slam or a strange sound. No,working alone is key in my line of work,but sometimes you have to be prepared to meet some people like that,that take things to extreme lengths. Which I have met today.

There is an unearthly feel about this house. A sense of danger and alarm that has been rose, not even a year ago. When a family of four was brutally murdered I couldn't miss the opportunity to investigate this wonderous mystery of tragic death,to see what is inside of these walls,what story they tell because every family has their secrets.  The furniture covered up in white sheets, unusually clean. Shelves smell polish which was strange since no one had been inside the house since the investigation was closed six months ago. Dust should have covered everything. But cleaners must have come by at some point, in this month of January.

I like to make sure we try not to bring too much unknown atmosphere into the house,not too much light,not too much noise. It could disturb our findings. I don't like to move the houses possessions. Just let the house do what it normally does,like a routine. You may think I am crazy but it is a method of which every 'ghost hunter' uses. 

But now I am used to what is in front of me and the challenge ahead,the key turns. A bald headed man with glasses,complete with a camera over his shoulder walks in,as if he were expected to be here. "Hi I'm David,I'm going to be working with you at your time here in Anstey House. I'll be helping you and recording the incidents that happen here" He smiles,shakes my hand and walks into the kithen. He sets up his technology and shortly after his arrival another key turns. Chantelle,a bouncy energetic woman with strong opinions,also on the case. But when the third key turned it was Mary-Anne. Nobody knew who she was,why she was here and how crazy she was. "You need to stop your investigation. The Adam's family that lived here were good Chritians,like me. And you will not disturb their peace,so I am here to watch you." She was saying. I watched how she prayed,her strange eyes once locked on mine and it was as if the devil had possessed her.  Something had already begun in this house. And I'm not sure if I liked it.


The End

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