I'd left the crimson hunk of junk in a ditch in my rush to get to the source of what I thought was his scent. There was something wrong about it. Was he hurt? Why had he gone in the first place? Well. If it was him, he was definitely in wolf form anyway. But it smelt so wrong…I was sprinting through the wide boughed forest. Ducking and dodging at the last second. He (or whatever it was) was some way off. I worried though, as I ran. Oh how I worried... I was close now, but not within sight in these trees. But he was running, or loping, really. I could feel the rhythm of his padded feet thumping the ground. It was definitely him. But why did he smell like this? What had he rolled in? "Jake!" I called loudly, "JAKE!". The lope finally came to a stop. Suddenly it started up again, but this time, he was coming towards me! Oh God, Jake you recognise me! I thought. Slowly I began to recognise his form emerging from the trees. But... What the? The great hunk of wolf I called lover, friend, soul-mate, emerged before me. But he was not encased in the shell of his body. His eyes were blank. And a feral looking female vampire rode upon his back, snarling, wickedly at me. A shadow behind her eyes. That was the strange scent then. Jake wasn't in there. How could I search for him, now? My eyes pulled away from his painfully blank ones and caught the female vampire in the middle of a guttural sentence. "and you will not follow. This creature is ours now" Ours? "He will not respond to you. I control him now. Body and soul" Pain ripped through me and I crouched back into a fighting stance, ready to kill this... upstart for daring to even attempt to take him away from me. But the blankness in his eyes… His eyes. Told me all I needed to know. This vampire spoke truly. She controlled him. The shadow behind her eyes must be... Jake. So this vampire was gifted. And I was helpless. If I attacked her, would he die too? Would his spirit wink out in a second? Would I never see him laugh? Never hold him again? Never hear him say those three little words that meant the world? Truly. I was helpless. Life had never been more brutally painful.

The End

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