There were a variety of scents surrounding me now. Evergreens, tarmac, petrol, exhaust fumes. No sign of Jake. I was driving and driving fast, but this crimson open-topped little thing, wasn't going fast enough for me. I longed to abandon the car in favour of running, but someone would surely notice...? I needed to do something. Scream, shout, run. Anything but this... stillness! I groaned, then hiccuped. Great. I hate hiccups. Going way past the speed limit on this lonely freeway, I was going blue in the face, trying to hold my breath. That's supposed to stop them right? I gasped, suddenly unable to hold my breath any longer and... Wait. What was that? I slammed my foot down on the brake and hurtled to a screeching stop. Roars of complaint issued from another driver some-way behind me. When he got closer he started to heckle from the car window, but I wasn't bothered about that. I'd smelled... It must be Jake!

Please, please let it be Jake...

The End

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