The Council's Decision

Council called, the wolf pack were in their wolf forms for easier communication. Sat outside our house because that was where Jake had last been seen, they communicated silently, looking at me often as though trying to work something out. I couldn't be less bothered and I couldn't wait for them to finish the council. I should be searching. Now. But what if Jake turned? They'd hear his thoughts and we'd know where he was... If he was conscious. I bit my lip and frowned deeply, feeling hollow inside. We knew nothing about where he'd gone or if he'd been taken or somehow... I curled into a ball, sitting up and gasped back a sob. Mum went to hug me but i shrugged her off. She understood. The pack had picked up no trail. WE hadn't picked up a trail. But... I straightened in a second, courtesy of being half vampire and ran off through the trees. Desperation clutched me and I felt like I'd been slashed through my heart. I had to find him. Half aware of the pack and my mum watching me go, I knew they wouldn't stop me. The packs decision would have to wait.

The End

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