Sam Calls Council

I looked at the handprint of blood. I walked into the house. My mother didn't follow, but tried to call me back. I knelt down, placing my hand over the print. It was a tiny bit larger than mine. I swiped my finger across the top, licking the blood. Still warm. Strange. It wasn't Billy's; I had tasted his one day, when he had cut it, and I kissed it better. I was still young, and believed in 'magic kisses'. Wasn't mum's, dad's, Jacob's.

Oh well. I stood, sighing. I stepped back, knocking a shelf. I left the house, and Mum and I sat down together. I cupped my ands round my mouth, and howled. Padding paws came quickly closer. A nose stuck out. "Seth..." I smiled, wrapping my arms round him as he pushed up against me. He touched his nose against mine, then to mum's. I kissed his furry forehead, running my hands through his thick fur. He looked past me, and whined. He went in, sniffing around, tail drooped.

A growled came from the shadows. Sam had arrived. He dipped his head at my mum, and touched his nose to my forehead, before following Seth. Both wolves froze, then came out from the house, howling. Sam was calling council.

The End

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