Mum, I can't.

I ran and ran, the tears burning my cheeks and eyes. Then, my Mum was running beside me. We both stopped. I tried to wipe away my tears, but I noticed tears in her own.

I fell into her open arms, and sobbed into her chest. She was crying too, stroking my hair, trying not to sob. "I know about Jake going to see you, and that he's gone. I didn't tell your father. You know what he's l-like." she said with a tiny smile.

I looked at her through a blurry vision, wrapping my arms round her. "Mum, I can't stop thinking about him! What could have happened to him...." I cried. She shhed me, and picked me up, continuing to run the the Black's residence.

She wrapped on the door. No answer. Bella peered through the windows. Nothing. She pushed the door, and it came open. a handprint of blood marked the floor. "Nessie, my love, we need to find Sam. This is bad."

The End

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