No sign

I walk along the beach remebering how me and Jacob shared our first kiss her. A tear slides down my cheek and I look up and the suns rays pierce through the clouds.

My skin gives of a faint glow. Unlike my mum and dad my skin doesn't sparkle just glows allowing me out on normal days not to suny other wise I look like a light bulb.

I laugh at a memory of when Jacob started laughing at me standing there like a christmas light.

Oh Jacob where are you. I hear foot steps approach. "Where is he Seth" I whispers turning to face the young wolf.

"Don't worry about him Nessie he can take care of himself but I'd think it be best if you went back home before Edward gets angry" Seth says.

I shake my head. "I'm not going till I know Jake is safe" I whisper.

Seth shakes his hed and goes towards the forest to join the rest of the pack. I look at the pack and watch Sam nod his wolf head. This worries me the fact no one knows where he is and that he's not in his wolf form.

I hear a sob escape my lips and turn on my heels running in the direction of Jacobs house.

The End

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