The Hunt

I don't pack a bag. I mean I don't need one.

I leave quickly. I mean what would happen if I bumped in to dad even worse mum. Jacob is mum's best friend. I run quickly heading in the direction of La Push. I go straight to Jacob's house.

I knock hard. "Hi Billy" I say when he answers the door. He gives of a big sigh.

"Come in sweetheart I should have known you wouldn't have done what I said and rested" he says wheeling into the living room. I see the sofa and my heart swells up. That's where I admitted my true feelings.

"How's the hunt?" I ask. Billy shakes his head and sighs.

"We've searched every where and still no sign" Billy says sadly. I sit down and he wheels his chair so it's in front of me.

"Billy I'm scared" I whisper looking at the floor. "I mean Jacobs missing, This could worry my mum and my dad would ground me if he knew Jacob visited me at night"

"It will be okay" he says patting my leg. If only I could believe that.

The End

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