I wait until after Dad and Mum go to visit Alice and Jasper at the big house before I even try. The phone rings six's times before going to voicemail. I hang up and groan. Jacob where the hell are you? Fourtunatly Dad missed my thourgths and hadn't mentioned a word about it. Oh Jacob please call.

I try the house and his dad picks up. "Hello?"

"Oh Billy. It's Renesmee can I speek to Jacob?"

"Jacob? He hasn't come back since leaving for yours at who knows what time at night". I feel my chest tighten. Jacobs not home....

"Renesmee, are you okay?"

"No I'm not okay" I shout "Jacob's not here he vanished just as my dad came back". Silence.

"I'm gonna call Sam and the rest of them and get them to scout around. In the mean time I think you should get some rest"

"Okay bye Billy"

"Bye Sweetheart". No way am I gonna sit around and rest.

The End

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