Times up

As we kiss, there's a knock on the door. I gasp. Jacob won't stop kissing me. I try to speak. "Jakey, stop.. let me get the door." He lets me go after another minute of passionate kissing.

I run down the stairs, through the hall and open the front door. Oh, My, Gosh. I am speechless. I can't believe it. "Dad.. W-w-what are you doing h-h-here??" It's my dad. Great. Busted. And Jacob's upstairs waiting for me. What am I supposed to do? Dad's going to kill me!

"Hey, babe. I got back from Chicago early - wasn't much there. Hope you've been alright. You look like you've seen a ghost!!"

"Oh.. errm.. hi Dad! Errm.. I just.. I need the toilet. Be right back!" Great excuse.

I run up to the bathroom where I left Jacob. "Jacob.. Jacob, it's my dad! He's back early. I.. Where are you, Jacob?" He wasn't there. Where had he gone? Had he jumped out the window? How could he have gone without Dad seeing him?

The End

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