I wake up the sunlight blinding me. I strech before wraping my arms back around Jacob. I look up to see his eyes on my face. I smile and he does to. "You-Are-A-Great-Kisser" I say playfully. Jacob laughs.

"Yeah and both your mum and dad would rip me to shreads for kissing you like that" Jacob says seriously.

"Well it's a good thing their not back till tommorow morning although I sya you staying over tonight would be a bad idea. Suddenly Jacobs on top of me. "Why Nessie? Your bad enough to go behind their back but not allow them to find out" Jacob says his lips brushing mine. I gasps and shove my lips on his. He kisses me back but I retreat and sliup out from under him. He groans disapointed and I laughing skipping of and out of the room. I go to the wardrobe room and slip out of my PJ's and into a pair of jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt. "Such a waste" a voice says behind me. I turn to see Jacob and frown angrily. We break out in a playfull fight and unfortunately I lose I find myself pinned on the wall and blow some hair of my face. We burst out laughing. Jacob kisses me lightly and I want the moment to last forever.

The End

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