The rest of practice was fun, Yea I guess that's the word for it. Fun.Thank god I got partnered for almost everything with Will, So I finally got a chance to talk to him.He just moved here from Florida, And had no brothers or sisters. He only had his Mother.

                                Our conversation seemed almost normal untill, he leaned in toward me "What are you?" He whispered. " Are you a Vampire?" He muttered so quiet I almost didnt hear. " Half." I whispered back just as quietly as I watched his eyes grow   wide       

We started to walk away from the field,  I Pressed my palm to his. " How do you do that?" he asked. " Thats my gift" I answer He was leading me into the woods, but I wasnt terrified as I should be I was nervous. But not about my death, about him kissing me. I was insane. And like Alice's vision he did kiss me but they never turned into bites

The End

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