When It seems all the girls are off the field my family sits down on the bleachers. I silently touch Alices palm What did you see?, I ask silently. " I saw you. You were in the woods, with a boy. A vampire. He was kissing you, But then his kisses turn into bites."  She whispered slowly in my ear. Just then, as she was telling me her vision the boys team walks on the field. The boy carrying off the back of the line stares back at me with topaz eyes and I can feel my world melt around his face. Then I was hyper-aware that Alice was still staring at me, I watched as she followed  my gaze. " Renesmee No." I noticed my father was also watching me with a horrified look on his face. " Too Late." He muttered. But I still wouldnt let go of the boys gaze and it seemed that he was just as unwilling.


                             The next mourning, The boys and girls lined up to see if they made the team. " Alright then.  Before I would just like to announce that  Due to lack of physically ready students we will combine both the girls and boys team." Coach barked glaring at us. " Alright then, Ladies First. Emma Hartnett step forward, Cassie Jerse, Tatiana Falk, Jenna Gorddard, Amelia Baxter,and Renesmee Cullen.Now, For the boys. Elijah Judge, Nicholas Hartnett, Eric Thompson, and And William Humphrey."  So thats his name. William Humphrey.Well, William Lokks like we will be spending some time together. " Practice begins right away. Take a lap" Coach continued.

The End

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