As I walk into the Gym, I remember Edward's warnings on how to remain looking human. Not to move too  fast . We split into teams , and get into position, me on attack as I had been last night at the game. The coaches watch our every move, And I soon find they arent looking at everybody, only me. A hour into the game my family lines up on the sidelines to cheer me on. Everyone except Alice. Suddenly Alice rushes to the lines with the rest of them, a look of horror on her face. I wonder whats wroung with Alice,  I think then the ball rushes toward me and almost hits me in the head Luckily, My stick  saves the ball before it can hurt me. Vampire like reflexes. Then we give our numbers in, and are told that we will find out who made the cut tomorrow.

             Then, before coach is finished  i catch the look that flows between Edward and Alice. Edward gives a quick nod and then turns to look at me.

The End

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