I cautiously walk into school, flanked by Emmett and Jasper, and Edward. Keeping my head down through the stares. Everyone watches me, Knowing what happened and seeing it live.  One brave girl approaches me in math class to introduce herself as Liz, and apologizes that she didnt help me even though she knew what was going on.

I talk to Liz throughout the day, Learning more about her. But I sit with my family at lunch still, declining her invitation to sit with her. I cant help but look over at the table where I know Taylor, Bridget, and Sarah sit staring at me, Noticing my family. I touch Edward's  arm he looks at me and answers my unspoken question that he has seen from my touch. " They' re thinking that its not fair how Beautiful we are , and Why you are sitting with us and why they arent." he chuckled. Suddenly he growled I touched him again asking what was wroung. " Taylor is having vengeful thoughts". he whispered back. Then I turn my attention to The wall on the far side of the room. Noticing a poster. - Lacrosse Team tryouts tomorrow- I turn to Edward again " I am staying here" I whisper " Im trying out for the Lacrosse team, Isnt that what they do here in New York?"

The End

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