Renesmee and the cullens move to new york away from Forks, Jacob, and Charlie.


My life seemed to be turning upside down. We moved away from Forks ,WA to New York city. Me, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella ( As i had to call my parents) Went to a high school/ Middle School in Long Island. Today Is my first day in school. Ever. As I walk into my first class (Music) 3 girls named Bridget, Taylor, and Sarah greet me and invite me to sit with them at lunch. I decline, wanting to sit with my family. Soon enough, Lunch did come along. I sat next to Edward, as we talk about our first day so far. Then I get up to get some water (we need to keep up with the human charade) And Oddly enough Taylor follows me. The whole lunchroom is staring, some snicker, Some look sad almost sorry. I picked up a bottle and started to walk away, when  Bridget and Sarah Join Taylor. All together they shoved me to the ground making the lunchroom laugh , and I watch as the 3 awful girls stare down at me waiting for my tears to start flowing,With all the strength I had left (that I was using to not cry) I punched taylor in the face and sprinted (Not really) Toward the door and way past the courtyard, up the stairs and out of that awful school, Tears streaming down my face.


When I get to the road I hail a taxi, and ride it back to our brick house where I know Esme will be waiting for me. Soon after I got home I made a break for my room, even hearing Esme follow me. when Esme came and asked me what was wrong I didnt hesitate to answer. " I was bullied at school. thre girls pushed me to the floor I got mad and I hit them, I hit them and I ran"  Esme stared at me blankly for a few minutes  and said  " Wasnt Edward and Bella and the rest of them there? "  I looked into her eyes and answered very slowly "Yes." She chuckled " Im surprised Emmett didnt enter the fight, and Edward is probably out for blood now. Lets call Carlisle, Shall we?"

A little after Esme called Carlisle Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper stormed in Followed by Bella. I hid in my room, knowing they would all be mad. sooner or later they all entered the room to eiether yell at me or ask if I was alright,Emmett, at least tried to make my laugh I had made Taylor nose bleed and eye swell up " You know how to throw a punch, girl" He chuckled, Edward just looked at me looking mad. Carlisle tried to calm me about how we were all moving to a new school after tomorrow.

The End

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