I figeted and couldn't stop figiting. I got up and went over to the window. Jacob where are-. THUD! I fell back shocked I got up and looked down. Jacob! There he was standing tall and smiling. I smiled back. I slid the window open. "You won't make it" I call teasing.

"Oh yes I will" He says crouching. I move out the way and in one big leap JAcob lands in my room. I smile Happiliy and throw myself into his arms. He stubbles back before falling back onto the bed quietly. "Wait a secound Kitty Kat. Your d-"

"Is out hunting with mum in Chicargo" I say cheerfully. I lie on him putting my head on my arms and resting them on his chest. "Wow, really" He says shocked.

"MmmHmm, For the rest of the weekend" I say happily. "So you have me all to yourself". I smile and so does Jacob. Then we're kissing He rolls us over so his body looms over mine. The kiss is passionate and Dad would have killed both of us for this. I slide my hands under his shirt and onto his warm chest. He pulls his face back. "Nessie I.." Jacoe begins. I put a finger on his lips and shake my head. I then kiss him again and we stay like that for the rest of the night.

The End

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