Reneelia Sings

A girl who was orphaned at the age of seven seems to have lost hope when she meets a boy like her and she falls in love with him without knowing what love is.

            I never knew til now, about who I really was. When I was 5 my mother and father died, and the only one who could take care of me was my great grandma Enya. When I turned 7, two days after my birthday she died. I was devastated  but I kept her last few words close to my heart, when she told me what I was…..I am an anarchy. An anarchy is a demon who lives in a clan and is passed down between every other generation.  My parents were gonna tell me when I was 13, but they died. My grandma was my only family left, so she told me before she died. Now I am orphaned. I am an outcast of theLandofEarth. Everyone questioned my birthmark. A ying yang upon my wrist, which showed everyone that I was an anarchy.

I have been wondering the land for 8 years now. I am 13; the age I should’ve been to find out I was an. Anarchy But as my grandma has feared when she was gone there would not be many left. I was one of 20 anarchy’s left, but I doubt id ever meet any of them, until one day I was traveling through Angel’s forest, and found a boy. He was 13 like me, and was orphaned as well. He was known as Jaden Rain. I asked him to show me his wrist, he look at me as though I was crazy, but he did what I asked. There upon his wrist was a ying yang. I showed him mind, and we never said a word until he spoke

“Your…You’re a… anarchy to” he asked. His voice was shaky like he thought he was the last one alive

“Yes…I am. We are two of 20 left” I watched his expression change instantly. Like into a stage of panic.

“Only 20 of us left. Aren’t you worried” he asked

“Of course I am. We’re alone now. Were on are own. For now anyways” I said. His expression started to relax a little, but I could still see the worry in his eyes.

“Where are we suppose to go”

“I don’t know really. I’ve been walking this land for 8 years now, wondering what im suppose to do. But we found each other so maybe we’ll find the others or we won’t. We gotta try and find out for now” I said. His face soften slowly and he smiled as his jet black hair was caught in the wind. I smiled back, as the wind grew stronger. A storm was on the way “We should build some shelter for the night a storm is forming”

“Ok. Go look for some firewood. I got everything we need for a shelter.” He said. Without another word he was gone in the trees.

My heart was beating fast. What is this feeling I wondered. I tried to keep the feeling down as I walked around to find some firewood. I looked up and saw him in the trees. I would always smile when I saw him, and my heart would beat faster. His black hair would fly in the wind, like it wanted to be free. His eyes were a deep crimson red. Even though that was usually found in most Akuma’s, I loved them, for they were far more beautiful then mine. My eyes were icy and black. When people in the villages I went through looked at me, they quickly looked away as though they would turn to stone.

I am an outcast from the world. With cold, lifeless eyes, I walk this world. I still don’t know what will happen in my life, but finding someone who is the same as me, who knows how I feel in this world. Alone and afraid. Like you don’t even exist.

“Reneelia, Look out!” he shouted from a tree top. I looked down to see the arumbus, a poisonous a highly deadly snake in theLandofEarth. I stopped and stayed perfectly still as the snake passed, but it came back, jumping at my face. I looked away and closed my eyes, so I wouldn’t get hit, or even look at it, but it never came. I opened my eyes to see it was gone. I looked around for Jaden, but I couldn’t find him either.

“Jaden” I said, hoping for an answer. The only sound I heard was the rustle of trees in the wind. “Jaden” I said again, but this time a bush moved and I saw a snake fly towards a tree. I ducked so it wouldn’t hit me, and I watched it hit a tree. I looked at it, seeing if it would move, but the next thing I know, im up in the tree, with arms around me, holding me tight. I turned to see him, and I smiled as he smiled at me, as his red eyes shimmered from a lightning flash. I forgot a storm was coming. My smiled disappeared as I looked towards the sky.

“We better finish setting our camp, the storm is drawing near” I said, as a crack of thunder echoed through the sky. The wind made my long black hair fly around my face. The wind got stronger as he tried to speak but didn’t.

“What’s wrong” I asked. He was starring at the sky. I looked up and saw that the sky was darker, a deep shade of purple that was close to black.

“We need to move. Now” he said. He let me go, but took my and we started running towards a creek. He raised his hand up, and before my eyes a large chunk of the land rose before us. We were about a few feet from where the land was levitating above the ground. We were beside it now and where the hole was, there was a tunnel.” Get inside. Hurry” he said jumping into the hole, pulling me down with him. I got down on my hands and knees and started crawling in, with him right behind me. It wasn’t very long but he kept pushing me farther til we got to the end.

It was dark, damp and cold down there. I was scared cause I wondered what was going on. I’ve encountered many storms all my life. What was different about this one?

“Nothing” he said. I starred at him. He was looking down the other end of the tunnel, as if someone were coming. I didn’t hear a sound, but I couldn’t help but wonder why he said that.

“What” I asked.

“There’s nothing different about this storm. Its just had rotation in the clouds.” He said.

“What do you mean?”

“A tornado” I looked at him. I didn’t know what a tornado was, and I’ve never encountered one before in my life, at least til now anyways.

“What’s a tornado?” I asked I was confused now, but before he could answer, a loud sound was above us. I covered my ears, but the sound was overwhelming. I was scared, until I felt arms around me, pulling me close to him. I was so close to him I could hear his heart. The beating of his heart made me smile, and I couldn’t hear the sound from above anymore. Hearing his heart beat made my heart beat faster than ever.

The ground started to shake violently. He hugged me tight and I closed my eyes. I was scared, but his heart beat kept me calm. The sound started to die off soon, but the rain kept pouring. The ground was saturated now and I could feel it on my clothes and my face.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah…I…im fine” I said my voice still a little shaky.

“Come on. We can leave now” he said letting go of me. He started to crawl out and I followed him to the end. I saw a light, and I was relieved. The sky was clearing up as he reached down and took my hand. “Ready?” he asked

“Yeah” I said as I was getting up. He pulled me up, and we started walking back to where we were gonna set up our camp. Everything was still in place, except for a few branches here and there. He jumped in the tree and grabbed the supplies he still had in the tree. I had to find firewood all over again because it all blew away. But by nightfall we had good shelter and a beautiful fire to keep us warm for the night

The End

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