Remus is a disabled boy who goes off into the legendary world of Kroa, where he finds his destiny.

I stayed in my safe haven, as I had done for the past thirteen years of my life, I listened to the chirping noises of the nearby bird that announced morning. I had no clue whether it had a bad dream and wanted morning to come early, or whether it was morning. The rays of sunlight didn’t touch me, neither the cold of the moon. I would wait longer until I hear the noises of Mrs. Langon waking up and preparing breakfast with the fire on the stove.

My brain is only connected to one sense – the sense of hearing. Only in the first moment of my life did I ever see the sunshine, or smell the blood, or feel a hand. After that, I was thrown to the ground as my brain was detached from all the nerves but the ones that connect to my hearing. I can not feel, nor see, nor smell, I can only hear. Through hearing is how I learned this language and Mrs. Langon’s name. Through hearing I know what is going on around me, though I still do not know of my name. For the first while, I believe Mrs. Langon recited my name, but at that time my brain was too undeveloped to understand the language of my name. I just wished I would know my name, then I knew I would be happy to die, for in hell or heaven, or wherever I am supposed to go, I can tell the others who are there my name too.

“Oh Remus, if only you would wake up after thirteen years, it’s your birthday, thirteen years!” said Mrs. Langon. I heard it, I heard my name, clear as ever. Who else would be asleep after thirteen years? My name was Remus. My name was Remus. Now, I felt ready to die, I would not fight death with my daggers anymore. If I died, Mrs. Langon would’ve had one less mouth to feed and one less body to help, as I would no longer be tired from fighting death. As I thought, I heard death advancing, this time larger than there had ever been. I knew the army grew larger each day, but this time, it was twice as much as the last time. For some reason, I felt the urge to try, otherwise, death would come too easily and I wouldn’t be deserving of anything.

I fought. I heard the daggers being thrown behind me, and caught them, grinning. I belive it’s been the same for thirteen years. I’d catch the daggers from an unknown person, and face an army bigger than the last at the call of death. But yesterday, as I fought the army, I barely got away with my life. This wasn’t a steady growth, it was an army twice as big. I wondered whether I would make it and how it was such a large growth. By now, fighting was sub-concious to me. I would think about other things while fighting, instead of concentrating on my target. Mr. Langon always says “Always keep everything on your enemy, or your enemy will sense your weakness.” As I reemembered that and heard the ground rumble as my enemies’ footsteps marched closer, I decided that today I would concentrate.

The first enemy charged with a deathscream that would would kill. I easily used my daggers as shields and applied double the pressure that this man with the great Claymore charged at me, allowing him to kill himself with his own sword. I then went through many like that, easily killed, but as the time grew on, it became harder and harder to fight. By the time I was dead tired, there was one man left. He had a glow around him, as if a blessing by the Goddess herself. I stabbed him with all of my energy, and he laughed. I was helpless, and he walked away. I was probably already dead for this to happen. But why…But why didn’t the stab kill him? Not even a drop of blood came out. I then felt my brain shutting down, as I heard screams from Mrs. Langon, and then heard no more.

I felt it. I felt my body covered by a fabric as I felt leather at my feet. I felt my heart beating, and my finger’s tingling. I was alive! But, I remembered being dead, the horrible feeling of helplessness, and the sinking into a dark hole. How would I reach here with my exact brain? How could I reach this place with the memories of my past life still with me?

I decided not to think about it and just feel the wind in my face. It blew my hair, and I felt free. I breathed, and discovered it was natural for me to breathe without any effort. I forward, that satisfaction was amazing! Finally, I opened my eyes.

I saw a sky of a certain color – one I am unsure of, but perhaps blue, since Mrs. Langon always talked about blue skies being beautiful and clear. And I saw white, the color of purity, doves fly past. There was not a single cloud in the sky, and I wondered where I was standing. I was on a platform, a platform of something I was unsure of. It was a pure color, white perhaps, with streaks of a shiny version of white, silver? It formed a weird symbol, the abnormal symbol that was on that last soldier the last night. The sign of Morrighan!

Now I knew where I was. I was in the platform between the heavens and the world, in the mystical land of …Kroa?! Kroa, the land of peace, tranquility, and happiness. Why was I here?

I was given a new life, in the mystical world of Kroa.

The End

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