"Be a team player"Mature

“More or less you’ve got the idea right, but it’s a bit more complicated. See, we don’t know exactly what outcomes we will see when switching genes. Some genes effect more than one trait. It’s not as easy as making an upgrade on a vehicle or a computer. Same principle, but a thousand times more complicated,” Seagraves explains.

“What about stem cells? How long would it take for the newly developed stem cells to replace the original organs? And how do we know for sure the body will readily take the new stem cells as one of it’s own and not an infection? You plan on using viruses to speed up the process, but how would the body accept them and not send all of it’s defenses after it?”

“A temporary death would have to be administered to the host.  If the body dies just long enough during the initial introduction of the virus, it would give the virus enough time to spread the new genes. Rehabilitating at the right moment is key,” he says.

“What if the host dies? That’s murder, sir. And, if the volunteer does make it there is serious chances of brain and liver damage. And, even if the death is temporary, wouldn’t cell death occur too soon to spread the gene fixing virus?” another asks.

“With the technology we have today, we can make sure the brain stays alive with electrical impulse. Put the host in a deep, deep sleep paralysis. So, in essence, the body shuts down while the brain stays awake. Accidental temporary death of any other organ can be replaced. Any human volunteer would be on top of the donor list. As far as spreading the virus through out the body, it would take several hundred micro-doses, like acupuncture in key areas of the host’s body, to correctly administer the viral genetic fixing, ” Seagraves educated them.

“That sounds pretty inhumane I you ask me. We’ll never get congress to pass the bill that will let us do this,” says another scientist.

“Gentlemen, we’re not under American law. We’re above it. We just need to make congress happy so we can get as much funding as we need,” he says back.

“So what if this is all one big lie?” I ask.

“Oh, here we go again,” Seagraves shrugs and laughs. “Stop with your negativity. You make or a very harsh work place, you know that?”

“Why do you trust this whole ordeal so much?” I say to him. “I thought you were just as passionate about changing things for the better!”

“This is better!  If we have the most advanced troops, then there would be world peace,” Seagraves crosses his arms.

“This isn’t how things work. Power leads to corruption! Just look at what’s going on here!” I exclaim.

“How many times do we have to have this talk with you, Edgar? We’re not the bad guys. Be a team player, would you?”

“How can I when I’ve been side lined and the rules of the game has changed so much it’s an entirely different game?” I ask.

“This is why Reinhardt likes me more. I get results and im not afraid to overstep any unseen boundaries. We had to take over everything. You signed a contract and you’re not holding up your end of the deal! It’s been several months and I don’t understand why the hell you’re still here!” Seagraves says. “I’m not emotionally tied down to your father’s ideals. Why don’t you take a chance and see how things are on our side of the fence. I mean, you’re the big brain around here!  We need you!”

“I’m brainy enough to know when I’m being used and everything is being taken away from me. You’re more of the lead researcher here than I am all because you take his side! You 

The End

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