equipment from mechanical limbs for accident victims who have lost theirs, machines used in mass production assembly lines, and artificially intelligent droids that, with the right price, can be used for anything. I begin writing the e-mail as follows:


Dear Mr. Isaiah Verdante,


I’m getting in touch with you to call in a favor. It seems as though I have gotten myself into a troublesome situation. My livelihood and life’s work is at stake after I was forced to cut a deal with the federal government. I’ve cracked the codes for the projects I’ve always talked about since we were in college and I am planning to use them to better mankind. However, I feel happenstance is leading my results to help the opposite occur. It is dire that you get word out for me for not just my sake, but the entire world’s. I was wrong to make such foolish attempts in competing for control over mother nature and other’s only see the potential for monetary gain. They don’t see the dangers of the projects though, yet they yield at nothing. I don’t know which path the fate of this is going to take, but I need someone I can count on.


Your old friend,


Edgar Thompson


I send the e-mail and proceed to the elevator to the sub-level of the building. I walk to the second elevator and I punch in the security code. Nothing happens. I stand there for a moment and look around then try again. Still no dice. I clench my fists and my teeth the same, punch the elevator door, and turn around. They’ve changed the codes. I should have figured. What the hell did I do to deserve this?


February 3rd, 2030


I was at home working on an idea. If I could find the right people to trust then there’s no way Reinhardt can take over everything. I’ve recorded a few digital videos of myself that if I no longer am able to speak they will do the talking for me.

Dear Dr. Thompson,


I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune. How did you come about this? What this man is doing in your firm sounds quite shady. Keep me updated and if I must I’ll notify as many others as possible in the scientific community. If it’s serious, I’ll get a hold of the FBI.



May 21st, 2030


“So by finding bacteria that lives underneath hundred of miles of the earth’s crust, we find life that uses very little oxygen. We simply just replace some of the genetic material in the bacteria in the DNA of the animal cell and poof, we’ve got a canary that can breath on Mars?” Asks one of the scientists working with Seagraves on the blueprints that are going to be used on the first human volunteer.

The End

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