The MessMature

“You mean you’re puppets?” Sine says.

“I’ll disregard the attitude. You had a bad night. Floor looks like a bad place to sleep, too,” he adds. “Alright, let them out.”

“What? No way! Ruth I fucking love you. I want to have your babies!” Grant screeches.

“Wow, I knew it. Grants got a pussy,” Sine says.

“You’re not off the hook yet. You’ve just gotten yourself a huge job,” the man said.

“Always a catch. You scratch our backs, we bend over,” Karber says.

“I’m sorry guys. It’s the best I can do. Besides, what you did, that was dirty,” said the man in the gray suit.

“Well, she wanted to stay a virgin, I had to put it somewhere,” Grant says.

The all start laughing. The gray suited man just stares at Grant and shakes his head.

“Sometimes I feel like a babysitter more than a corrections officer thanks to you three. At least, the sixteen year old substance abuse cases, they talk with dignity, and not with their asses.”

Karber bends over and leaves one.

“Hahaha!!” Sine and Grant both laugh.

“I’ve missed you. Let’s go, tell us what’s going on,” Karber says and gives the suited man a hug..

“Yes, yes. This is your last chance with quasar, guys. One more fuck up, you’re done,” he says.

“You told us that last time,” Grant states.

“Yes, but this was a good fuck up. I’ll explain on the way,” the suited man replies.

“Where we going?” Karber asks.

“Headquarters. There’s a nationwide mess that we’re trying to figure out,” he says. “We just might need to you to help clean it up.”

“You’re trying to make janitors out of the monkeys. We’re the ones who make the messes. Not clean them,” Grant laughs.

“Right. Well, you grow a tail, I’ll give you a break,” he says.

The End

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