The bossMature

chose to stay. For the record though, you have my deepest sympathy. I mean, fuck, this shit sucks!”

“I give up, screw you both and goodnight,” Grant says and lays down on the bench.

Karber and Sine look at each other and shake their heads then look at me. Karber lays on the other bench and Sine and I lay on the floor. We all lay there in the cell restless, angry, confused, and lost. Now, I was truly in the same boat as them.

I lay there and just think about it all over and over. An hour or so passes and I finally drift off. I begin to dream again. First, it started off as still pictures of things, places, and people flashing. I saw a child sitting in front of a birthday cake blowing out candles with several of his friends sitting nearby. Then the same boy holding a baseball bat about to swing during a little league game. A picture of him, a little older in his teens in a garage band. Several other pictures flash by of a family vacation, driving lessons, a high school prom, graduation, him working at some factory, and a marriage. Even a honeymoon. All with the same person and reoccurring people. Then, I saw, like a full motion picture in the dream, but like I was there controlling the camera. I was holding a child standing by a woman in a hospital bed. She smiles at me with a half tired but proud and happy expression.

“Honey, meet our daughter,” I say.

“I can’t believe it, she’s so beautiful,”she says softly.

“Have you decided on a name?” A nurse asks.

“Janet, Janet Bridgestone. After my grandmother,” the woman on the bed smiles.

“Congratulations, you two. And, happy birthday Janet,” the nurse smiles.

The dream dissolves in a smokey cloud and I’m not running up a stairway and I hear a scream for help.

“Adam!!!” I didn’t know who was screaming. I just knew I had to get there fast. It’s what my gut was telling me. I rush up several flights of stairs and stop at a door and I start ramming into it with my right shoulder. The fifth try, the door gives in and I stumble in and begin making my way through a smoke filled room.

“Adam!!! Help me find her!!! I can’t find her!!!” The woman screams.

Then, I wake up.

“What the fuck!” I exclaim quietly as I sit up on the floor. I felt warm, as if I were still roasting in that room in my dream.

“Eighty-six?” Karber lifted his head. “Bad dream?”

“I guess,” I say. “I’m not sure what it was.”

An officer and a man walked up to the cell door. The officer took his baton and wacked the steel bars of the cell and says “Hey! Hey wake up! There’s someone who wants to speak to you.”

I stood up, as did Karber. Sine and Grant wake up and start stretching.

“Hey, it’s our boss, how ‘bout that?” Karber says and smirks.

“You guys are in some deep shit this time,” the bald, sweaty man in a gray suit shook his head at us.

“Yep. And, it smells, might I add,” Grant waves his hand in front of his nose as he stands up.

“But, it might be some pretty good shit,” the man says.

“Good shit? Dude, we’re in jail again. What the fuck?” Grant stated.

“Minor set back. But, I take care of my men,” says the man.

The End

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