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after school to decide if we’d stay in it together or go our separate ways. We already had record labels looking to sign us and everything. All was well until I got involved with a girl my best friend wanted most of his highschool career. At first, he told me he was fine with it, but as her and I got more serious and he got into drugs more and more, he changed and started to act like I was his life long enemy.” He began.

“Bro’s before hoes, that’s what I always say,” Grant chimes in again.

“You’d ditch us for the first broad that says hi to you,” Karber says. “You guy’s can’t sleep very well, either, huh?”

“Who said you were my bros? I got woken up by the drama club over here,” Grant says to him.

“So what happened, Sine?” I ask.

“It was about the middle of May, we were planning a special show for our highschool prom and Max, my so called best friend, started hanging with these other guys and ditching practice. So we planned the show without him and started working on songs without our lead guitarist. Shaun wasn’t much of a lead guitarist, but he was trying his best in incorporating the lead parts crossed with the usual rhythm parts he played to compensate. Rick, was our drummer, he was basically saying we should drop Max for good and look for another guy after the Prom show. So, the weekend before prom, everyone was stressed out because Max had been a no show for not only practice, but he didn’t show at school either. He was a good guy, a real good guy. I called him to try and make amends, try to get him to come back, and he told me to meet him at the park next to the river in town around ten at night. I grew up in Dover, by the way, and as odd as the request seemed, I told him I’d be there.” Sinewy pauses and leans back.

“You know I met him there at the playground and he told me how he and my girlfriend met for the first time. He said he had eyes only for her ever since. They were both about fourteen and they had a lot of fun hanging out at the park when they met. She seemed real interested in him too. But, come September, when he found out that she went to the same school, he went to talk to her and she basically blew him off and wasn’t interested in hanging out with him.  This really messed with his mind.  He said he was over her until he found out her and I started dating, then he realized that he would never love anyone else, and that if I stayed with her, I had to pay for the pain it caused him. Mind you, Max was blitzed out of his mind and it looked like he had been crying. He pulled out a gun and put it in my mouth. I wanted to scream but I was too afraid to. All I could do is shake in fear.” Sinewy continues.

“He shot you in the mouth?” I ask in a sad tone.

“Not yet. First, he told me he always valued our friendship but he couldn’t handle seeing me with her. Then, he started crying and he was so nervous that the gun shook in his hand and when he pulled the trigger, I think he had second thoughts and the gun slipped out of my mouth and the bullet shattered my jaw, went through my vocal chords and then just missed my vertebrae by a hair. That part I was told three days later while laying in a hospital bed in intensive care.” Sine’s eyes were the only part of his face that could show any emotion of pain as he told us his story. I look to Grant and even he had a sad expression.

“Dude, I ain’t making fun of your mouth no more. You were done dirty! I’m sorry,” Grant says.

“Yeah, same,” Karber agrees.

“Thanks. I appreciate that. This was five years ago. I missed my chance to graduate highschool. I was too damn depressed to care about anything. I never saw Max or my other band 

The End

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