Caught in the middleMature

“I give up... I don’t want to use force. You can’t hurt me! I feel no pain! And, I don’t know why I’m even still alive!! I just want answers!!!” I drop to my knees and scream as loud as I can scream. I look around and I can see the officers looking around at each other, confused.

One of the officers walk up and kneel beside me. “We can help you, but you must come with us, and so must your buddies in the car. I’m sorry, but this is how it works.”

“Just help me find out who I am. I’m tired of running. I’m tired of being so confused. I just want answers!” I cry, and clasp my fists together and hold them up.

The officer handcuffs me and pats me on the back. “You’re a very strange man, you know that?”


*                                                                                                                                  *          *          *          *            *          *          *            *          *          *            *


The four of us all sit here in the holding cell as the District Attorney, Deputy, and several other officials have a meeting discussing our strange characteristics, stories, and motives. I have no idea what the others are thinking. They haven’t spoken since they brought us in. Karber and Grant had gone to sleep on the benches in the cell while Sine sits on the floor with his back against the wall under the barred window. A dim light shines in through this window from a arc light outside from the alleyway and it’s just bright enough to make out who is who inside the cell.

“Thanks for trying to help me, Sine,” I say quietly.

“I’m not sure if we tried hard enough. If we really wanted to help, we wouldn’t have turned you in at all. We needed help, too, Eighty-Six, and we used you to help ourselves. I’m sorry. We were given a job to track you down and turn you in. After you complied and saw how impossible it would have been for us to capture you, after you came with us willingly even though Grant shot you, I saw why Karber formulated that plan. You’re the same as us, Eighty-Six. A prisoner of happenstance and unavoidable fate,” Sine says to me.

“I know. I tried to return the favor. There was no way we were gonna get away so I wanted to reason with them,” I explain. “But, I guess, there is no reasoning with the law. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.”

“Did you sign up for the project?” He asks.

“I don’t remember anything. I told you. It’s like I’ve lost every memory I’ve ever had,” I reply.

“Damn. In a way, you’re lucky. There are a lot of memories I wish I didn’t have anymore. Like, why I have this metal mouth,” he says as he taps his mouth with his right finger.

“Why do you have that, anyways?” I ask.

“Like I said, I wish I didn’t know, very painful memory,” he sighs. “But, I will tell you.”

“One hot summer day at band camp- hahaha,” Grant says as he wakes up.

Sinewy just glares at Grant and sighs.

“I’m sorry man, go on. Seriously, I just poke fun because you’re an easy target. Funny when you screech, too,” Grant laughs.

“Fuck you,” Sine says. “I lost my jaw in a gun fight over a girl I was dating. The worst part is, the other man was a good friend of mine.”

“Whoa,” I say and look down at the floor.

“I was in this band with him back in highschool and three other guys. We were actually pretty damn good. I loved singing, I love the crowd, the rush of being on stage. We wrote about the typical highschool bullshit and made a ton of cash playing at parties. We were waiting until 

The End

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