“What!? Are you fucking stupid!?” Karber jumps out of his seat and sits his knees on the driver seat with his back turned to face me.

“I can’t help you guys.  You can’t help me. The deal is off,” I tell Karber.

“No! Stay in here!” Karber yells as I get out of the car. I put my hands in the air and look around.

“Get on your knees!” Says an officer on a megaphone.

“No! I want to negotiate first!” I shout.

“We’re not going to negotiate! Get on your knees! Hands behind your head!” Several officers come up to me, guns pointed at my head as the officer with the megaphone demands me.

“I want to negotiate my surrender on my terms or there will be a lot of problems for you all!” I scream at them after putting my arms down.

“Is that a threat!?” The officer on the megaphone asks.

“Just hear me out and there won’t be any problems.  I want to negotiate my surrender!” I say again.

“What are your conditions,” the man on the megaphone laughs as he speaks.

“I want to know who I am if you take me in and for my friends to be let free. I made them do this. It wasn’t their fault. It was all mine,” I say.

“Bullshit! Why should we make a deal with you? You and the others fired at us! Take him down! If you resist, we will use force!” Says the man with the megaphone. Several officers rush in and try to knock me down on the ground by kicking my legs. They try restraining me by trying to put my arms behind my back. I simply stand here unmoved by their attempts.

“Get down! Now! This is your last warning!” Screams one officer.

“On the ground!!” Shouts another.

“Stand back!” Shouts the third officer and he brings out a tazer from a compartment pocket attached to his belt. “Get down!”

He shoots me with the tazer and I feel my muscles move involuntarily and I feel weak for a moment. There’s no shock of pain. Just a temporary loss of control in my legs. I fall down for a moment and they tackle me like a fumbled football. After the tazer stops shooting electricity into my body after about a minute, I jump up and the officers tumble over each other onto the asphalt and I say, “stop it! Before I do something I regret!”

“Comply or you’ll be sorry for a completely different reason!” One of the officers say as they stand up. This time all three officers grab their tazers hold them pointed at me.

“Enough is enough!!!  Listen to me!! I’m not asking for too much!!” As soon as I shout at them these words, all three officers shoot me in the chest, back, and neck. My hold body shakes but I stay standing. I’m too angry to care about the strange feeling of my muscle moving on their own and I grab all the wires connected to the metal ends embedded in my flesh and give them a good yank. All the tazer units pop out of their hands and fall to the ground.

“Amazing what beer muscles can do. Comply or take fire! This is your last warning!” Shouts the man with the megaphone.

I run over to the upside down police car and the police begin to fire at me. All the shots miss and they lower their weapons as they watch me do what I do next. I pickup the upside down police cruiser and flip it back onto it’s wheels. Then I yank off the driver’s side door.

“Are you ok?” I ask the two officer’s inside.

“Get away you monster!!” The officer in the passenger side screams. The officer sitting on the driver’s side was unconscious. 

The End

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