Chapter Seven: Confusion breeds more of itselfMature

Chapter Seven


Narrated by: Number Eighty-Six

March 25th, 2035


Ever since I got out of that military transport vehicle I’ve felt nothing like more than this empty, lost soul. I’ve been shot at and chased for a little over forty-eight hours and these acquaintances newly obtained don’t seem to be of any help. In fact, it seems we’ve been nothing but a burden on each other since we met. I sit here in the back seat of this car while they fight each other about the fact that half a dozen police vehicles are trying to box us in and stop us from escaping. For the moment, I can’t think about anything but why I’m in this situation. Nothing makes sense. I just want it to make sense. Why can’t it make sense!?

Who am I? What is this project I’m a part of? Why did I have to get involved with these three other men who are just as lost as I am? Should I just end it all and jump this ship? There seems to be nothing but captains and no crew. These three all seem to know what to do but then can’t keep a plan together; can’t put it into motion. Whatever happens, if these guys are just using me, if we all get arrested, I really don’t care; I just want answers. The confusion and fear I have is slowly turning into pure anger. I don’t deserve this.

“We’re fucked!  We’re fucked!  We’re fucked!  We’re so fucking fucked!!!” Grant screams on the top of his lungs.

“We need an escape plan! We’re never gonna out run them with this piece of shit!” Karber exclaims.

“We’re just going to have more problems if we stay on this highway! Where are we right now? Where can we go? We need options. Think and fast!” Sinewy says as we’re all trying to sit low in our seats. Gun fire has seemed to stop from the police most likely because they don’t want to shoot each other since we’re surrounded by them.

“Maybe we should give up before we do any more harm to ourselves. We’re just digging a deeper hole,” Grant mutters .

“No. I’m not turning back,” Karber says.

“Now’s not the time for that kind of talk, we need to do something about this!” Sine screeches.

“I have an idea,” I say. I was getting tired of this. I wanted to stop the highspeed chase and move on. I’m tired of running, I’m tired of being lost. I’m just plain fed up.

“What’s your idea?” Sine asks.

“Stop the car,” I tell them.

“Are you nuts?  No way am I going to stop,” Karber laughs.

“Do it,” I say, angrily.

“You sure that’s a good idea? They can’t hurt you but they sure can hurt us!” Grant says.

“Just trust me, stop the car, and stay inside.  Hold on and throw on the breaks, now!”

Karber stops the car and go from one-hundred and thirty-five miles per hour to a complete stop in five seconds. Everyone inside is okay other than a case of bad nerves. One of the police cars behind us to the right hits the corner of the trunk of the vehicle and flips on to its hood and slides down the road for approximately thirty feet or so and stops. The five others police vehicles stop all around us and the officers rush out and surround us from all sides.

“I hope you have a good plan, Eighty-Six,” Sinewy says.

“If it works, Grant here will suck your dick,” Karber jokes nervously.

Grant doesn’t say a word, he just looks around at all the officers keeping cover behind their cars with their weapons drawn.

“I give up.  I’m turning myself in,” I tell them.

The End

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