“Just be patient, he usually senses when I come here,” I tell him.

“Who?” Just then, at the other end of the dim it cave, we could see him, a very large being swimming through the water and reach out to pull itself up onto the rocky cave floor. The ground shook as it walked. It’s skin was dark colored and shines with the dim light’s reflections. The light allows us to see one of his eyes and the side profile of his head as he crawled up and got used to walking on land again. His skin quickly lost it’s luster and changed in color from dark to light and he began to grow fur within moments. His size diminishes from that of a killer whale to the size of a husky. We could then hear growls coming from him.

“It’s ok, he’s here to talk business,” I tell him.

“Intriguing,”Reinhardt says.

Then heard him begin to dash up to us, then he slows down to a walk and stops in front of us where the light makes his face more obvious as it morphs from a canine face to a human one.

“Father, meet Mr. Reinhardt, he’s trying to force me to use the projects before the world is ready,” I smile at them both.

“Oh, well we can’t have that,” he mutters simply without much emotion and then growls at him after his face morphs back to a canine. He looked much like a Husky but with a longer tale, much bigger legs, a more defined muscular frame, and a wider mouth.

“Whoa! I can’t believe this! So you didn’t kill your father on the operating table!? You saved him by using NeoGenesis on him!” Reinhardt jumps.

“Yes, but the problem is, his body isn’t quite all his anymore,” I say.

“Well, no shit, he’s not human anymore!! Look at him!” he fires back.

“No, I mean he can’t control all of the choices he makes. It takes him a lot in order to stand here and not eat either one of us. It’s like his body tells him to only worry about survival and survival alone. And, the more he feeds, the more secure his body believes he is. So, the more time he spends out in the ocean eating fish and plants, the more sane he feels. But, the more he uses his abilities, the more his body takes over his mind,” I explain.

“And, he created the project? He’s the one who started all of this?” Reinhardt asks.

“Yes, and he asked me to inject the Neogenesis cells he fashioned from an array of genes found in animals all over the word. Tweaked to create a being that can live forever into his own body. It was the first time it was tested on a human. Most test subjects were volatile and would attack anything that moved. It’s because of an electronic device in his brain that controls the release of chemicals that endorse symptoms of rage that keep the cells from thinking for him,” I continue.

“This is absolutely amazing. Words cannot express what I see right now! What do I have to do to get you on my side?” He asks.

“Call off your men, for one. Tell them we’re negotiating again. I want my business and NASA taken very seriously as we plan for Mars colonization.  We have reason to believe we can find a way to quickly adapt the human species to withstand the harsh conditions on Mars and save the human race from over population. I want to give us all the ultimate home away from home. I want you to keep your offer as the US treasury as my personal bank account and I want all of your patience. And, lastly, you must formally promise me that once you endorse this, it will not be used for war tactics. Understand?” I tell him.

My father then gets real close to Reinhardt and morphs into a human like form, but still different with hardened skin, standing eight feet tall, looking like a behemoth from hell. “Listen to the boy,” he whispers in his ear. “No one would want to live like me after having a normal human life.  I’m a monster and no one would ever trust me in this form.  I can’t ever look human again.”

“Fine. You get what you want, but I want you to be my personal doctor. I want thick skin like your Father, here. And, some muscles would be great,” he laughs.

“I’m still working on Neogenesis and making it controllable.  If I can find a way to allow a one time genetic change for the host instead of an uncontrollable one, then you’ve got a deal,” I say.

“Great. Let’s sign some papers!” Reinhardt claps his hands in joy.

My father looks at me and shakes his head. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” he says as he walks back to the water cave.


The End

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