Eminent DomainMature

“What’s the matter? Something sound familiar?” He asks.

“You didn’t need to see what I have here. You already knew about it, didn’t you?” I say as I start taking steps backwards away from him.

“Why are you so shocked, Dr. Thompson? I mean, I have ears and eyes and hands everywhere,” he laughs.

“Who was it!? Who told you!? Who’s knife is in my back? Well!?” I glare at him.

“Old man, no one betrayed you. They just know your life’s work should be shared with the world. It would be a very prized possession of knowledge for all of mankind,” he smiles.

“Prized? It could destroy mankind if not handled correctly! These are desperate times and I know this project will be used out of such disparity with ill manners and choices by people who shoot first and ask questions later!” I exclaim.

“They probably said the same thing about the atom bomb. I really wish you’d just relax, doc’,” he says in a matter of fact tone and then shrugs his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, but I believe its time for you to go.”

“I’m not going anywhere, sir.”

“Excuse me,” I say and try to walk past him and he stops me.

“No. We’re not finished,” he says and pulls his wrist-watch up to his mouth and speaks into it. “Lock-down the premises. He’s not complying.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke!? Let me go!”

“Edgar, you are the sick joke. Look at all of your potential, my friend! Too bad you don’t want to be my partner. We would have made an amazing team. I guess your colleague will just have to do. He knows all the in and outs. He was going to take over in a few years, wasn’t he?”


“Good guess! Now, what should I do with you?”

“Please.  Please, don’t do this. You don’t understand!  You don’t understand a fucking thing about this! The weight of it all and where this could lead humanity!  You don’t see the danger! You’re another political prick that doesn’t understand the consequences that could follow! Fine! There is something you don’t know about. No one does. But, I’ll let you see.  Ok? I’ll let you see what you need to see. Follow me, ok? Come, come!”

“Oh, so Edgar see’s things my way now? Interesting,” he says and then I hear him whisper into his watch-phone I want back up, pronto.

I lead him back to the elevator and we go to yet another sub-level floor. After the current monstrosity who resides there now, I’ve been the only one allowed the knowledge of his existence and clearance for visits. I’ve been his sole care taker for fifteen years and I’ve known him my entire life. I wish this on no one. Not even my worst enemy. It’s too cruel to be in his present form, but yet, he chooses to live on in the name of science.

“So what is this surprise?” Rienhardt asks.

“You’ll see,” I say. A feeling comes over me of great despair as the elevator opens. I walk out slowly. Reinhardt seems a bit taken back by the area we’re in. It’s no longer the building we were once in, but rather a very secret cave about the size of a football stadium. The only other exit is about one-hundred and fifty yard trail that leads to a water filled cave where the ceiling of this one curves down over onto it like an upside down bowl trapping air and pressure in the keep the ocean water out.

“Where is this surprise? This place is pretty damn neat, but, I suspected something else. I bet you take all the ladies down here, aye?” he says.

The End

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